We are currently looking for skilled and driven individuals to fill in key positions in our institution.

About MCU Hospital

An established and esteemed institution in the healthcare and service industry, Manila Central University – Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation (MCU-FDTMF) is a foundation steadfast in its commitment to excellent and compassionate patient care to improve and elevate the community health care system.

Formerly established in 1904 as Escuela de Farmacia del Liceo de Manila to provide more opportunities for tertiary education, Escuela de Farmacia later evolved to Manila College of Pharmacy in 1915 and eventually Manila Central University (MCU) in 1948. MCU became a pioneer in healthcare science education in the Philippines.

The University raised healthcare facilities and equipments to assist its medical students in their training. Later in 1971, the MCU Board of Directors converged the College of Medicine and hospital into one – the MCU-Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation.

Why Join Our Workforce?

  • Having been established for almost 72 years, MCU-FDTMF has already become a pillar in the industry. A great training ground, the foundation will provide you with the most skills and experience in the healthcare service, as well as in significant administrative functions.
  • A tertiary level healthcare center, we provide patients with the highest quality of compassionate service and with state of the art facilities and equipments that ensure the most productivity for its workforce.
  • We mold professionals to be equipped with the most knowledge, competency and ethics to serve and empower the healthcare system.
  • A second home, MCU-FDTMF professionals treat each other like a family and uphold the values of commitment, service, responsibility, teamwork efficiency, productivity, loyalty and integrity in order to better serve the community.
  • Most especially, with care, we serve.

Vacant Positions


  • Provides direct professional patient care and basic patient education to a specified number of patients.
  • Prepares equipment and assists physician during examination, treatment, special tests and procedures.
  • Prepares patients for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Administers physician’s prescribed medication and monitors vital signs.
  • Ensures the proper endorsements of patients to the incoming nursing staff.
  • Conducts “nurses rounds”.
  • Records and reports to physician any observed symptoms, reactions, treatments, and changes in the patients’ conditions.
  • Understands and executes doctors’ orders.
  • Oversees and guides the performance of Nursing Assistants, and Hospital Orderly.
  • Practices safety, environmental, and/or infection control methods.
  • Prepares end-of-shift report.
  • Checks and encodes charges on procedures, supplies and medicines used, in the absence of charge clerks
  • Performs other related functions assigned by superiors.



  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Must be Registered Nurse
  • With good communication skills
  • Newly graduate/board passer are encourage to apply


  • Assists patients with their hygiene, mobility, physical comfort while observing the changes in their condition.
  • Reports any change in the patients’ condition.
  • Assist doctors, staff nurses and therapists with examination, treatments, special tests and procedures.
  • Prepares equipment and supplies needed for procedure.
  • Takes and records patients’ vital signs.
  • Sends specimen to the laboratory.
  • Coordinates requests for procedures.
  • Accompanies and assists patients during procedures.
  • Accounts for linen.
  • Maintains cleanliness, orderliness and safety inside the ward.
  • Performs other related functions assigned by superiors.



  • Graduate of BS Nursing or Midwifery
  • With Basic Life Support and First Aid training


  • Performs pulmonary treatments as prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Extracts arterial blood gas for ABG determination.
  • Nebulizes cooperative and mechanically ventilated patients.
  • Hooks patients to mechanical ventilators.
  • Instructs patients on the use and proper performance of incentive Spirometer.
  • Performs IPPB on post-operative and hypercapnic patients.
  • Instructs and performs Pulmonary Function Tests to patients.
  • Performs ECG to patients during designated time of the day.
  • Keeps and maintains equipment and apparatus.
  • Refers malfunctioning equipment to Engineering for repair.
  • Ensures the cleanliness and sterility of gadgets.
  • Makes rounds of patients who are on mechanical ventilators or assisted respiration.
  • Ensures that safety procedures are carried out.
  • Checks test results for completeness before releasing to patients.
  • Provides lectures and reviews on different Respiratory Therapy modalities to trainees and new staff.
  • Performs other related functions assigned by the superiors.



  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy
  • Candidate must be Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • With good communication skills
  • Newly graduate/board passer are encourage to apply


  • Prepares patient and equipment.
  • Reviews request for imaging study and obtain patient’s identification.
  • Schedules patient for special procedure.
  • Instructs patient and relative on the preparation for the procedure.
  • Performs assigned radiologic procedures following quality standards.
  • Develops and processes imaging results.
  • Forwards imaging results to Radiologist for interpretation.
  • Cleans and maintains assigned imaging equipment.
  • Collects hazardous and non-hazardous waste accordingly.
  • Performs other related function as maybe assigned by the superior.
  • Files radiographs and x-ray results properly.



  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology
  • Candidate must be Licensed Radiologic Technologist
  • With good communication skills
  • Preferably with at least 6 months work experience in Hospital
  • Amenable to start on last quarter of 2019


  • Knowledge and familiarity with chemotherapy agent dosing, dilution, preparation, contraindications and administration.
  • Prepares and dispenses medication orders.
  • Checks all orders for completeness of information
  • Compounds drugs as ordered by Physician in accurate and timely manners as per department guidelines and preparing all drugs using aseptic technique
  • Ensure correct preparation of all formulas or medications
  • Verifies preparation and labeling of pharmaceutical; verifies order entries, charges and inspections
  • Instructs patients on effect of blood and alcohol intake
  • Participate in pharmacy teaching and in service programs;
  • Properly dispose all materials used when compounding cancer drugs
  • Cleans isolator daily and in between IV preparation
  • Maintains and evaluates patients profile and comprehensive drug data file to evaluate orders for any incompatibilities
  • Warns of potential side effects or adverse effect of cancer drugs
  • Consult patient in a professional and efficient manner to ensure patient understanding of drug therapy plans and outcomes



  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy or Clinical Pharmacy
  • Candidates must be Registered Pharmacist
  • With good communication skills
  • Preferably with at least 6 months of experience / training as oncology pharmacist


  • Oversees the overall management of the OSH program in coordination with the OSH Committee
  • Prepares the annual calendar of activities, to include:  OSH Orientation, OSH Reorientation and scheduled or random OSH audits
  • Frequently monitors and inspects any health or safety aspect of the operation being undertaken with the participation of supervisors and workers.
  • Conducts Mandatory Workers OSH Seminar for all employees in close coordination with PDMD.
  • Assists government inspectors in the conduct of safety and health inspection at any time whenever work is being performed or during the conduct of an accident investigation by providing necessary information and OSH reports as required by the OSH Standards
  • Issues Work Stoppage Order (WSO) when necessary based on requirements and procedures by the OSH standards.
  • Evaluates and recommends the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a result of the workplace hazard assessment.
  • Recommends to the management posting of safety signages and devices based on OSH standards.
  • Acts in an advisory capacity on all matters pertaining to Occupational Safety and Health for the guidance of the Administration and the Foundation personnel.
  • Conducts investigation of accidents as member of the Health and Safety Committee and submits a separate report and analysis of accidents to the Administrator.
  • Submits to DOLE, work accident/illness report (WAIR) and Annual exposure Data Report
  • Maintains an efficient accident record system and coordinates actions taken by supervisors to eliminate accident causes.
  • Acts as Secretary to the Health and Safety Committee and as such performs the following:
  • prepares minutes of meetings;
  • reports status and coordinates of recommendation made:
  • notifies members of the meetings; and
  • Submits to the Administrator a report of the activities of the committee, including recommendations made.
  • Submits to DOLE, OSH Committee Reports (minutes of meeting at least on a quarterly basis)
  • Attends meetings that needs presence of Safety Officer e.g. Quality Assurance Unit, HEMS, Fire & Safety and other related units
  • Ensures the conduct of Earthquake, Fire Drills and other required safety drills needed in coordination with the HEMS Committee
  • Assist Pollution Control Officer in preparing the quarterly Self-Monitoring Report and semi-annual Compliance Monitoring Report for submission to DENR
  • Attends to scheduled water quality monitoring of the Hospital and in collection of water analysis in the Dialysis Section.
  • Processes hospital permits pertaining to the following:
  • Fire Safety
  • Elevator
  • Annual Building Inspection
  • Mechanical
  • Sanitary
  • Electrical
  • Performs other related functions assigned by the superiors.



  • Graduate of BS Civil Engineering or any related course
  • Candidates must have 40 Hours Basic Occupational Safety and Health(BOSH)
  • With 48 Hours of advanced/specialized safety course training
  • With at least two (2) years of experience in OSH


  • Conducts daily inspection of biomedical equipment.
  • Performs repairs, troubleshooting, and calibration of all biomedical equipment.
  • Executes routine / periodic preventive maintenance schedule for equipment.
  • Receives and verifies requests regarding biomedical equipment.
  • Processes Purchase Requisition of parts needed for repair and maintenance materials
  • Supervises installation of new biomedical equipment.
  • Processes maintenance Job request for Foundation equipment.
  • Coordinates schedules of maintenance contractors, observes and assists them during repairs and maintenance.
  • Monitors biomedical equipment contracts and warranty due dates
  • Safe-keeps and files service reports of hospital equipment with maintenance contractor.
  • Keeps and updates records of all work undertaken for biomedical equipment
  • Prepares monthly accomplishment reports.
  • Performs other functions assigned by superiors.



  • Graduate of Biomedical Technology or any related course
  • With Certification in Biomedical Equipment Services NCII
  • Working experience is advantage but not required
  • With good communication skills


  • Drives ambulance and service vehicles to specified locations and hospitals.
  • Provides assistance to Hospital Orderly in loading and unloading patients from the ambulance.
  • Ensures cleanliness of vehicles and garage.
  • Maintain and monitors ambulance equipment and supplies.
  • Performs minor repairs and requests replacement/repair of vehicle parts if necessary.
  • Maintains records of maintenance/servicing vehicles.
  • Follows-up registration of vehicles.
  • Coordinates ambulance conduction and transportation service request with Admitting & Information Staff.
  • Submits official receipts/ in views of fuel purchase to information staff.
  • Distributes inter-office memo, official letter, weekly schedule of RPTs and other related communications to respective hospital offices and departments.
  • Performs RISO printing in the absence of duly assigned mimeographer.
  • Performs other related functions assigned by superiors



  • College Graduate
  • Candidate must be Licensed Professional Driver
  • With Restriction 1, 2 and 3
  • With Certification in Driving NCII
  • With at least 6 months experience as Ambulance Driver


  • Admits and discharges patients in accordance with hospital policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that patient’s data are completely obtained and documented using standard forms.
  • Safekeeps personal belongings of unaccompanied patients.
  • Answers telephone calls and coordinates with concerned department.
  • Encodes data of admitted and discharged patients in the computer system.
  • Processes transfer of patients to the room.
  • Records all admitted and discharged patients in the Philhealth logbook.
  • Assists patients in executing Promissory Notes and E.R. payment arrangement after office hours.
  • Facilitates requests for ambulance vehicle.
  • Prepares maintenance Job Order.
  • Prepares Daily admission and discharges report including deposits.
  • Prepares and submits daily census of in-patients, Daily Admission and Daily Discharge to the Administration Office.
  • Prepares report on daily occupied beds and the Midnight census report to the Medical Director’s Office.
  • Assists HMO and Company patients for consultation and informs HMOs for approval of procedures and/or admissions.
  • For emergency room assignments:
  • Prepares and submits daily census reports.
  • Reports to police authorities all Medico-legal cases.
  • Records in and maintains Medico-legal logbook.
  • Performs other related functions assigned by superiors.



  • Graduate of any Business Course or any related course
  • With good communication skill (verbal and written)


Receivables from Patients and PCSO

  • Maintains Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger for patients by recording approved Promissory Notes (PNs), Official Receipts (ORs) covering patients’ payment for PNs, and collections from PCSO that should be applied against the patient’s PNs.
  • Prints or manually prepares Accounts Receivable Aging Report for patients and coordinates with the Collection Unit the collection of all outstanding/unpaid PNs.
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger for PCSO by recording all Guarantee Letters and collection from PCSO.
  • Prints or manually prepares Statements of Accounts for PCSO to cover Guarantee Letters issued by PCSO.
  • Follows up and ensures collection from PCSO.
  • Prints Accounts Receivable Reports.


Claims from Philhealth

  • Using the online system, bills Philhealth by encoding all Philhealth Claim Forms (Form No. 2) that were processed by the Billing Section.
  • Prints Forms No. 3 and 4 and secures all supporting documents, doctors’ final diagnosis and signatures.
  • Prepares transmittal letters and submits Claim Forms and supporting documents to Philhealth.
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger by recording claim forms filed and collections from Philhealth.
  • Reviews disallowances and files an appeal for reconsideration.
  • Prepares Summary of Disallowances for Collection Section in collecting from patients.
  • Monitors/follows up unpaid Claim Forms and ensures collection.
  • Prints Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • Prepares Refund Slip to authorize refund of payment to patients who have previously paid but subsequently claimed from Philhealth.


Claims from HMOs

  • Weekly, summarizes charges and prepares Statement of Account for each HMO.
  • Prepares all supporting documents.
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger by recording Statement of Accounts filed and collections from HMOs.
  • Reviews disallowances and files an appeal for reconsideration.
  • Prepares Summary of Disallowances for Collection Section in collecting from patients.
  • Monitors/follows up outstanding claims and ensures collection from the HMO.
  • Prints Accounts Receivable Reports.


Receivables from Employees

  • Processes all Salary Deduction Forms to cover hospital bills of the employee and prepares Schedule of Payroll Deduction.
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger by recording Scheduled Payroll Deduction and actual deductions made by the Payroll Clerk.
  • Prints Accounts Receivable Reports.


Other functions

  • Attends external and internal meetings.
  • Performs other related functions assigned by superiors.



  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy or any related course
  • Preferably with at least 6 months experience with the same field.
  • With good communication skills


  • Encodes/Types all Surgical Pathology Reports, documents, policies ,and other communications needed by Histopathology Section
  • Answers telephone calls and attends to patient’s basic inquiries
  • Prepares the requirements and documents needed in accreditation and meetings of the Section
  • Charges specimen and releases results
  • Ensures that all official equipment like computer and printer are in good working condition and is responsible for all regular/preventive maintenance
  • Performs other related functions assigned by the superior



  • Graduate of any Allied Science Courses
  • Preferably underboard of Medical Technology
  • Knowledgeable in Medical Terms
  • With good communication skill (verbal and written)

The Department of Obstetrics and Gyncecology is now welcoming applicants for its 4 year Training Program.

For more details you may contact Ms. Mayette Lugo at 367 20 31 to 45 Local 1219, 365 48 47, or 0922 8735187 or email at mcu_obgyn@yahoo.com

The Department of Surgery is now welcoming applicants for its 5 year Training Program.

For more details you may call our Surgery Office at 367 20 31 to 45 Local 1228.

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