The Admission and Information Department is the focal-point when you visit our hospital, MCU-Felimon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation, Incorporated.

Prior to admission, please bring the following with you:

  • Admitting Slip (for walk-in ER and OPD registered patients)
  • Admission Letter from your Physician with the patient’s initial diagnosis.
  • Any valid government identification card or NSO Birth / Marriage Certificate
  • Cash / Card payment for hospital

For HMO / Company

  • Your HMO card / Letter of Authorization

For those availing the Hospital Packages

  • Package Enrollment Form
  • OPD Card (for OPD registered patients)

For Philhealth & Senior Citizen’s Availment

  • Philhealth – CSF Accomplished by Employer
  • Senior Citizen’s ID

Accomplishment of Pink Admission Data Sheet (PADS)

This patient’s data will be entered into the Hospital Information System to be used as his / her admission profile as obtained from the handwritten accomplished form commencing on the date of admission.

Each patient will wear an ID band for the entire period of confinement at MCUFDTMF.

General Consent Form and Contract of Admission

The patient / responsible care partners (RCP) will sign the forms on the extent of complete hospital care, management of patient’s account, limitations on supply of medicines and external diagnostic reports, release of medical patient information and the waiver for safety and loss of personal belongings.

Emergency Admissions

Patients who may wish to be admitted but was not able to secure direct admission letter from their private MCU-FDTMF Physician has to be referred first to the Emergency Room for assessment prior to admission.

Department Consultant on Duty will attend to walk-in patients’ cases or those without a preferred Physician for both Pay and CD patients.

Room Queuing

The Admitting Department accepts advance requests for room reservation. Duly confirmed room assignment must be occupied by the patient within two (2) hours upon notice otherwise, it will be given to the next in line patients.

The Admitting Department reserves the right to follow the order of priority in assigning rooms; priority is given to ICU patients. .

Non-emergency patients seeking admission are advised to come at 1:30pm up to 5:00pm when more rooms are usually vacated.

Alternative rooms will be offered to you in cases when your choice of room is not available but you will be transferred accordingly once the room becomes available.

Ambulance Service

All ambulance requests may be inquired and processed at the Admitting office only.