Services Offered

The Department of ORL-HNS offers Hearing and Ear Evaluation at the MCU Hearing Center in partnership with the American Hearing Corporation (AMEARCO), located at the hospital’s 2nd Floor. It offers Pure Tone and Speech Audiometry, which are recommended for patients with complaints of decreased hearing or constant ringing of the ear. For pediatric patients, Play Audiometry (3 to 7 years old) and Oto-acoustic Emission Test (OAE) for Newborn Hearing Screening are recommended. In addition, evaluation of the ear drum may be done by Tympanometry and Video Otoscopy for video assisted direct visualization of such. Hearing Aid Prescription is also available for patients diagnosed with hearing loss resulting from age related nerve insufficiency or acquired hearing loss due to trauma or infections.

The ENT Endoscopy Unit offers endoscopic services for the evaluation of the Nose, Paranasal Sinuses and Nasopharynx. Flexible and Rigid Video Nasopharyngoscopy are video assisted procedures for direct visualization of the nasal cavity for evaluation of sinusitis and detection of polyps and tumors. Flexible and Rigid Video Laryngoscopy on the other hand, are video assisted procedures for direct visualization of the vocal cords and adjacent parts of the larynx for evaluation of foreign body sensation in the throat, hoarseness, reflux, and infections.


Outpatient Clinic and Hospital Set-up. The OPD is equipped with Medline ENT treatment machines and Welch Allyn wall mount otoscopes for patient examinations. For in-patient Ear procedures, an operating Zeiss microscope provides magnified visualization of Ear surgeries as it happens simultaneously via a monitor. Likewise, a video endoscopy system for endoscopic sinus surgery is available for rhinologic procedures. A set of Karl Storz Adult and Pediatric Esophagoscopes are also available for removal of esophageal foreign bodies. In 2017, the department acquired a brand new Karl Storz Adult Larynogoscopy and Pediatric Bronchoscopy Set. Other procedures such as Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy, Incision and Drainage and excision of masses are also performed at the ENT OPD treatment room.

For the Ear. The MCU Hearing Center opened on June 22, 1999 in partnership with AMEARCO, which provides Hearing Tests for both adult and pediatric patients for the screening and rehabilitation for hard of hearing individuals. In addition, the Oto-acoustic Emission Test, which started on December 2005 provides hearing screening test for newborns.

For the Nose and Throat. On February 2001, the ENT Endoscopy Unit was established which aims to provide video assisted, diagnostic examination of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and vocal cords. Both rigid and flexible endoscopic procedures are available and with the latest inclusion of a Karl Storz Endoscopy unit on December 7, 2015, and a brand new 30 degrees rigid nasal endoscope in 2017, the department aims to provide better Nasal and Laryngeal Endoscopic Services to patients.


In 1957, a year after the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery (PSO-HNS) was founded, MCU Hospital established the Department of ORL-HNS. Dean Ramon Macasaet, M.D. of the College of Medicine separated the Department of EENT into 2 independent departments both in the teaching and the hospital services. Dr. Cesar Villafuerte Sr. (1960-1973), a pioneer of Cosmetic Surgery served as the first chairman followed by Dr. Angel E. Enriquez (1973-1986). However, it was only in 1973 that Dr. Enriquez organized the ENT Residency Training Program, one of the country’s first accredited training programs in ENT.

In 1986, Dr. Potenciana Dilag-Principe (1986-1991) took the reign of leadership with the recruitment of Drs. Virgilio P. Liao, Celso V. Ureta, Romeo L. Villarta Jr. and Natividad A. Aguilar. When Dr. Virgilio Liao (1991-1998) assumed the chairmanship, he formally organized the ENT sub-specialties.

In 1998, the First Postgraduate Course entitled “ENT in General Practice” was held. Also, in this year, Dr. Natividad A. Aguilar (1998-2005) was appointed head of the department with Dr. Emmanuel S. Samson as training officer (1999-present). In her tenure, she established the ENT Endoscopy Unit and the MCU Hearing Center. Drs. Ureta, Villarta and Aguilar also founded the North East Manila ENT Consortium (NEMEC) which aims to strengthen the training programs of the member institutions which includes: FEU-NRMF, AFP – V. Luna, Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and Manila Central University – FDTMF Hospital.

On February 8, 2007, the department, headed by Dr. Emmanuel Cruz (2005-2012), celebrated its 50th Anniversary together with the Administrative Officials of MCU, along with the past & present members of the Department staff at Ilustrado Restaurant, Intramuros Manila. Following nearly seven years of dedicated service to the department, Dr. Cruz concluded his term as chair last May 31, 2012. Replacing him is Dr. Rosalie Ramirez (2012-present): the first graduate of the MCU residency-training program to be given the distinction of chairperson.

On 2016, the department underwent re-accreditation from the Philippine Society of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and was able to maintain it’s 4-year fully accredited residency training program.

On February 7, 2017, the department headed by Dr. Ramirez celebrated its 60th anniversary at Gazebo Royale, Quezon City, together with the past & present members of the Department staff and MCU Administrative Officials.

At present, the department hopes to continue the pursuit of excellence and aims to do so until the foreseeable future.